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The voice is one of the most versatile instruments available. No other instrument can produce as many different sounds and colors as the voice. The Universal Voice System has reduced the richness of sound to a simple system that can be understood by everyone and works effectively. The system consists of: 8 sound characteristics, 4 pillars and 4 voice characters plus effects. Because the system is so easy to understand, you can effectively get the most out of your voice.

The Universal Voice System has mapped 8 sound characteristics, with which all possible sounds can be created with the voice. These sound characteristics ensure that the communication between teacher and student is much clearer, clearer and easier. The 8 sound characteristics are: vibration, pitch, aspiration, loudness, depression, vibrato, timbre and nasality. Because you can give each sound characteristic a different level, a wide variety of possibilities and an immense sound richness are created. The Universal Voice System helps you develop your voice faster because the sound characteristics make it easy to understand how you sound and how you can sound.

Scientists investigate the complex way in which different parts of the body influence the sound of the voice. This is divided into the power-source-filter model: breath, vocal folds and sound space. The Universal Voice System has added a fourth important pillar, namely ‘attitude’. The posture of the body contributes significantly to the sound that is made. Your body assumes a position and then supports your breath that flows along the vocal folds. This causes your vocal folds to vibrate, creating sound. This sound gets its color in the sound space. The four pillars work together and influence each other.

All over the world, people use their voices in four common, characteristic ways: Speech, Belting, Whisper, and Classical. Each voice character has a unique composition of the 8 different sound characteristics with the corresponding anatomy. The Universal Voice System teaches you how to learn to sing better in these voice characters. Do you want to challenge your voice to the maximum and amaze everyone? In the Universal Voice System you can easily learn how to create pop / rock and classical effects in a healthy and fun way. You also learn this simply on the basis of the 8 sound characteristics and the 4 pillars.

Acoustics and Anatomy

The Universal Voice System is explained in plain language and is very practical. The system is based on scientific knowledge about acoustics (of the sound characteristics) and anatomy (of the 4 pillars).

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