Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


Financial Conditions for Training

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You can register for the program by completing the registration form on the website www.universalvoice.nl. We assume that you have made a well-considered choice to do this. However, there may be reasons why you should withdraw your application. You therefore have up to 10 working days to cancel your registration free of charge.

Pay attention! If you register within 2 weeks before the start date, free cancellation within 10 working days is no longer possible. We would also like to ask you to send a sound clip of yourself to info@universalvoice.nl so that we can judge the level.

If you have been admitted, you will receive the UV-Guide 2.0 for free. You do not have to buy this separately.

Course Fees

● Course price year 1 Universal Voice Singer 1 € 3900, – incl. VAT

● Course price year 2 Universal Voice Singer 2 / Master € 3900, – incl. VAT

● Course price year 3 Universal Voice Teacher € 3900, – incl. VAT

● Course price year 3 Universal Voice Performer € 3900, – incl. VAT

Course fees are valid for 1 year and include lessons, exams + 1 resit per exam.

If you have registered before June 1, 2020 and have paid in advance, you will receive an early bird discount of € 200.

A deposit of the course fee must be paid within 3 weeks after registration. This includes an amount of € 740 or € 780.

Your place within the training is assured the moment we have received your payment (or term of your payment).
You will receive an invoice by name from the institute so that you can also use it for your own administration.
When paying, you have the choice to pay the remaining amount in one go or in 5 installments of € 740 or € 780 after the down payment.

The payment terms are:

1st term → at registration
2nd term → 25 October 2020
3rd term → December 25, 2020
4th term → February 25, 2021
5th term → April 25, 2021

Payment obligation

In the event of failure to pay course fees, the Universal Voice Institute will engage a collection agency. Additional costs are borne by the creditor.


If canceled up to 6 weeks before the start of the training, 50% of the total course fee will be charged. In case of cancellation less than 2 weeks before the start of the training, the full course fee will be charged.

Refunds / exchanges of funds

Once the training has started, it is not possible to get a refund of the course fee if you do not want to continue your participation. It is also impossible to convert / exchange the course fee for other types of lessons / workshops / courses of the Universal Voice Institute.

If you have to discontinue the process on medical grounds, a refund is only possible after submission of a medical certificate.

Attendance requirement

In year 1 of the training, we released the 80% attendance requirement. We do, however, advise not to miss more than 4 days of lessons because, depending on your entry level, we otherwise cannot lay the foundation for working with the Universal Voice System. Our goal is to give you the highest return from your starting position.

In years 2 and 3, an 80% attendance requirement is required for obtaining your certificate. In the absence of more than 4 course dates, the Universal Voice Institute may decide not to issue a certificate. Refund of course fee is not possible in such a situation.

In the absence of a course day, the student must make up for the missed lesson material himself, via fellow students. You must be up to date on the next day of classes so that we do not suffer any delay.

Canceling from the Institute

If, with too few participants, the Universal Voice Institute would be forced to attend the course
of course, you will of course be refunded any course fees already paid.

Financial Terms Course

Thank you for registering for a course / workshop provided by the Universal Voice Institute. It is important that you are aware of the (financial) conditions that Universal Voice Institute sets for registering.

You can cancel your registration free of charge up to 10 working days after the date of sending.

1. If you have withdrawn your registration within 10 working days, you are entitled to a refund of any. costs already paid.

2. If the period of 10 working days has passed, your right to a full refund will lapse upon withdrawal of your registration or if you are absent during the course.

3. When you unsubscribe 30 days before the start of the course / workshop, you are entitled to a refund of 50% of the course fee already paid or owed by you.

4. If you unsubscribe 14 days before the start of the course / workshop, you are entitled to a refund of 25% of the course fee already paid or owed by you.

5. If you unsubscribe less than a week in advance for the course / workshop, your right to a refund will lapse.

Pay attention!

If you register 14 days or less before the start of a course / workshop, lines 1 to 4 will lapse.


You will receive (even if you pay via iDeal / Paypal) an invoice from Universal Voice Institute for your own administration and / or for the payment of the course fee. We request that you transfer the costs before the start of the course / workshop to the account of Universal Voice Institute at all times.

You can print your invoice yourself via my account on the website. When booking / registering, enter your Chamber of Commerce or VAT number in the relevant field, then this will immediately appear on your invoice.

We wish you a lot of singing pleasure with your purchase!

Team Universal Voice.

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