Sophie Burgers


Sophie Burgers

Vocal Coach, Singer, Musical Teacher

Sophie works as a vocal coach and musical teacher in Sassenheim and Utrecht. She gives workshops and courses to children of all ages, as well as giving private singing lessons in her own practice to children and adults.

As a singer and actress, Sophie is involved in small-scale music theater projects for festivals such as VUUROL and the Café Theater Festival.


In 2011 Sophie completed her Cultural Social Training course in Art Education. After that she was looking for a while, the commercial, cultural field did not suit her. Musical and singing have always been her great passions and after an intensive private journey with singer and actress An de Brandt, Sophie decided to develop further as a singer and vocal coach. She took courses, workshops and lessons at the Frank Sanders Akademie, Robin van Beek and Alberto ter Doest, among others. She did the EVT level 1 & 2 course and joined it that way Universal Voice Institute justly. Here she followed the full three-year course from 2016 to 2019 Universal Master Teacher .


As self-proclaimed ‘vocal-nerd’ Sophie is incredibly passionate about everything that has to do with the voice. How the voice works anatomically, but also what influence your mindset has on the sound you make. How and what you think has a major influence on how the muscles in your body behave. So also the muscles you need to sing. In the lessons, singing technique and mindset are therefore side by side and both receive attention. So that you become the singer or singer you want to be!

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