Universal Voice – Train your voice and really get better! ‘


Universal Voice – Train your voice and really get better! ‘

Can you sing it a little sharper? ‘ ‘Remember! Breath flow 6 and breath pressure 4! ‘ ‘Approach it more from Speech-Belt than from Belt-Speech’

These are just a few sentences that have been flying around my ears recently. Now when you read these sentences you might think, “What are you talking about?”

But within a few hours the language of Universal Voice becomes completely clear to you and you soon notice how well this method works. Anyone can learn to sing!

After I finished both the Dance Academy and the Conservatory and played in various musical productions, I still felt a great need to continue studying and to look for even more depth in my singing technique. I was looking for a technique that could explain me singing in Jip-en-Janneke language, but also give me the depth I was looking for. I found all of that in Universal Voice technology.

Clear language and clear exercises took me a lot further in the first few lessons. And how nice to be in a group with people with so many different talents! Everyone comes from a different direction, but everyone works together with the same method to get better.

It’s not about taste, but: what do you hear? Can you carry out what is asked? I experienced being challenged to continue listening to your own voice as a very pleasant experience.

The Universal teachers guide you in a very personal way; this way you are assured that after a year you have been able to take a very big step in your development.

Since a few weeks I have started the third year: Universal Voice Teacher.

Now that I have mastered the method myself, I am going to learn to convey this to others. What a fun challenge; I can’t wait every week to jump back on the train to Alberto!

Still in doubt? Then order the new edition of the Universal Guide soon and start practicing at home. Or come to one of the information evenings. Keep an eye on the website for this!

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