Rianne van Dam


Rianne van Dam

Singer, Singing Teacher, Belting Specialist

In the cradle she trains her vocal cords with incessant roaring. And at the age of six she gives her first performance in church. For the 35-year-old singer / songwriter from Leusden, singing is like breathing.

After several singing groups and bands she starts her own band and writes her own performance ‘Message of Love’. In 2017 she will release her album with twelve of her own songs.

In the meantime she slowly starts to give singing lessons in her own network. This works very well, but because she wants to be able to work more effectively, she decides to follow a singing course.

Now graduated as Universal Voice Master Singer and Teacher she has turned her passion into her profession. “It Universal Voice System is the best thing that happened to me as a singer and now as a singing teacher. “

Rianne teaches from her own singing practice in Leusden called ‘Beter Belten’. Belts is the voice character in which is sung loud and high. And that is her specialty.

She also gives workshops to groups and (black gospel) choirs. “My goal is always to make a student sing better, but that goes hand in hand with offering safety and confidence. As a singer, I realize how vulnerable you feel when you speak up.”

Do you want to discover in a relaxed atmosphere how Rianne van Dam gets the best out of your voice? Then go to for more information www.beterbelten.nl or send an email to info@beterbelten.nl and come by for a trial lesson.

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