Rebekka de Jong


Rebekka de Jong

Choir conductor, music teacher

Rebekka works as a music teacher at CSG Augustinus in Groningen and has her own private practice www.rmusic.nl . She is a permanent conductor associated with three gospel choirs in the North and is regularly active in the role of coach for other choirs, conductors and music groups.


After her education in Music in Education, in addition to teaching secondary education at all levels, she started to focus on choir singing and performance. The alternation between teaching adolescents and teaching them to discover their talents and working with large groups of enthusiastic adults ensures a very suitable energy balance!


In 1997 Rebekka graduated from the Prince Claus Conservatoire in Groningen. After she came into contact with EVTS through a Belting workshop, she followed the two-day level 1 & 2 course at Universal Voice several times. She already knew she wanted to be one of the top teachers and she didn’t hesitate when the Universal Voice System had a training place for Teachers. She is now a graduate of Universal Voice Master Teacher and educator and trainer of various singers, choirs and bands.

www. rmusic.nl

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