Lies van Loo


Lies van Loo

Singing teacher, Singer, Voice coach, Speech therapist

Lies treats people with voice problems and voice disorders. She coaches speakers and singers, both professionals and amateurs, on voice and articulation.

Using laryngeal manipulation techniques, Lies frees speakers and singers from tension in the vocal area, making tuning easier.

She also organizes workshops on, among other things, healthy voice use, voice training and singing.


Lies graduated as a speech therapist from the University of Ghent in 2009. In 2010 she also finished the specific teacher training there. In 2013 she graduated from Thomas More in Antwerp, where she specialized in voice disorders. Lies also obtained 2 certificates for laryngeal manipulation.

Passionate about music and singing, she took lessons at the Conservatory of Ostend. Then she immersed herself in various singing methods, including Estill Voice Training, Complete Vocal Technique and finally the Universal Voice System .

She obtained her in 2017 Universal Voice Singer and Universal Voice Master. In 2018 she graduated as Universal Voice Teacher .

Lies remains up-to-date with regard to scientific research regarding the voice and continuously immerses herself in the latest developments.

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