Inge Franck         


Inge Franck         

Singer, Singing Teacher, Vocal Coach, Voice Coach, Speech Therapist

Inge regularly performs on stage, both with large brass bands, marching bands, bands, and in smaller settings, with only a pianist.

She sings Kleinkunst, French Chansons, Easy Listening, Musical, Pop, …


Inge graduates in 2000 as a speech therapist. Passionate about voice and singing, she follows the direction of Musical at the Academy for Music, Word and Dance.

Because voice health is very important to her, both as a singer and in her professional life, she immerses herself in different singing methods.

After several years of studying at the Universal Voice Institute, Inge graduated Universal Voice Master Teacher .

Universal Voice Master Teacher

Inge has her in Tielen (Belgium) own singing and voice practice . Here she gives singing lessons, both individually and in small groups. Theater students, actors and other speakers are also welcome to work on their voice and pronunciation. Workshops on Voice, Pronunciation, Singing, … can be requested from her by companies, schools, choirs, …

Inge: “Every day I can do what I love to do: share my knowledge to teach someone to sing better and to use the voice in a healthy way!”

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