Guide 2.0 Info


Guide 2.0 Info

The Universal Voice. Guide offers everyone who wants to do something with their voice the best guide to develop themselves. A better voice is now within everyone’s reach, understandable and concrete.

At Isla and Universal Voice we are convinced that caring makes the world and your voice more beautiful.

Cover: Paperback

Language: Dutch

Number of pages: 335

Including the following extras:

  • More than 1300 Audio exercises
  • Lax Vox Slang
  • Isla throat lozenges
  • Free shipping to an address in NL, BE

Universal Voice.Guide 2.0start guide

The revisedGuide 2.0version

Order the revised and second edition of the Universal Voice. Guide!

In the submenu above you can browse the start guide, download audio exercises and watch videos introducing the chapters from the Guide 2.0.

This will give you a good impression of the Universal Voice Guide.


At the Universal Voice. Guide come in a total of 1300 audio files. 650 for men and 650 for women. You can practice with these audio files. This way you not only read the exercise, but it is also demonstrated and there is a place to practice. You can find them in the submenu above under audio exercises.

what haschanged

The new Universal Voice. Guide has undergone a significant change from the old version. Alberto ter Doest says of the new release, “This is the book I’ve always wanted to make”.

  • The layout is more logical and convenient;
  • The book is printed in full color;
  • The exercises are supported with photos and drawings to explain the technique more easily;
  • The included audio exercises are better organized, which makes practicing easier.

Do you want to know more about the Universal Voice. Guide, please contact: info@universalvoice.nl

What'syour opinion?

Curious about what others are saying about the new Guide 2.0? Various quotes from teachers and singers who work with the new Universal Voice Guide. And an impression of the annual symposium for students and teachers of the Universal Voice Institute.


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