UV System THE BASICS (Arnhem / Nijmegen)


UV System THE BASICS (Arnhem / Nijmegen)

UV System THE BASICS (Arnhem / Nijmegen).

April 8 and 9, 2021
10 am – 6 pm (1 hour break)
By: Elke Rouwmaat, Jasmin de Wilde
Location: Elst
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UV System THE BASICS (Arnhem / Nijmegen)

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We will organize in on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 April 2021 Elst the course ‘Universal Voice System | Basics. This two-day course is taught by Elke Rouwmaat and Jasmin de Wilde and lasts from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is an hour break. The exact location in Elst follows. If you want to register for this course, please register via the e-mail address of Elke . You can participate in the course for 295 euros, including VAT.

How does my voice work? And what can I do with it? Universal Voice System THE BASICS is a 2-day course in which the development and training of your voice are central.

The Universal Voice System is a simple and clear system to get the most out of your voice. You learn and experience how to sing with the 4 universal voice characters and how they sound in the repertoire. The 4 universal voice characters are speaking, whispering, shouting and classical. We work with 8 sound characteristics to further develop and improve your voice. And with the 4 pillars (body, breath, vocal folds and sound space) we explain exactly what you do.

Immerse yourself in THE BASICS and learn to sing and speak better in 2 days.


THE BASICS (Level 1) focuses on singers of all levels, singing teachers, choir directors, speech therapists, actors and (public) speakers.

A condition for participation is that you are in possession of the Universal Voice Guide. And that you have at least read chapters 1 to 3. Not yet in possession of the Universal Voice Guide? Purchase it here .


4 voice characters, 8 sound characteristics, 4 pillars. You don’t need more to optimize your vocal capabilities. Immerse yourself in THE BASICS and with our handles you will learn to sing and speak better in 2 days.


We convey your goals in your own personal voice plan so that you immediately see what you can develop. We work with small groups in this course. This way we can spend ample time together drawing up your own personal voice plan. Your vocal goal is central to this. That way you get a picture of what you should train to achieve your goal. It goes without saying that you will also receive the answer to the question of how to do this within your individual possibilities.


You learn to improve your tone and sound that you are looking for in a fast and effective way. So you go home with:

  • A bigger size
  • Greater dynamic (volume) usage
  • More control in a clear or ‘breathy’ sound
  • Good vibrato
  • A freer sound
  • More sharpness / warmth / metallicness / carrying capacity, in order to learn and control the ideal timbre better
  • Oral and nasal singing
  • Create effects


As a singer or speaker you will not only receive answers to all your questions about the use of your voice. But also exercises and help to improve your voice for more vocal freedom, variations and color. So register for UVS The Basics. Your voice gets better and easier. You know and understand what else you can do to get the most out of your voice and enjoy what you can do. This way we make it more fun for you and simpler at the same time!

After following THE BASICS (Level 1) you can easily develop your voice at home. You do this with the help of our book and accompanying exercises, whether that is for singing in your amateur choir. Or as a professional on the stage of an opera or a major musical.

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