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J1 Universal Voice. Singer

J1 Universal Voice. Singer

Price: € 3900
One-off € 3,900 or in 5 installments € 780 per 2 months

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Method: It works according to the Universal Voice System and with the book the Universal Voice Guide.
Prerequisite: no specific conditions.
Course duration: Universal Voice Singer 1 year (Sept to June) 2 weekends and 20 separate weekend days
Location: Beatzone, Amsterdam ( = FULL) or Zangschool Rotterdam
Start date: September 2020
Extra information: course fee is valid for 1 year and includes lessons, exams – 1 resit per exam.

Update (4/6/20): Year 1 Amsterdam sits full . Registration for option Rotterdam is still possible.
If you want to be on the waiting list for Amsterdam or do you think you can enroll in a higher year?
Please contact Lisette asap via info@universalvoice.nl

From: 780,00 every 2 months for 10 months

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Bestel onze gratis studiegids voor meer informatie over de opleiding.
De lesdagen in Rotterdam zullen op donderdag plaats vinden.

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You are guaranteed to become a better singer / speaker in 2 weekends and 20 separate days. With the Universal Voice Guide we teach you to get complete control over the 4 universal voice characters and 8 sound characteristics. After successful completion of the exam, you can officially call yourself Universal Voice Singer.

During year 1 of the training you thus develop a solid foundation of all the elements with which you can sing, speak, work and perform. You will get to know the 4 voice characters and 8 sound characteristics of the Universal Voice System.


As a singer, you are in the centre of the Universal Voice Singer education course. In this way we teach you to sing according to a unique and clear method. Healthy and optimal use of the voice for singing and speaking is the starting point. The training course focuses on all possible styles and has been specially developed for singers, actors, singing teachers and choir directors.

In this year we will be working intensively on training your (singing) voice with the Universal Voice System. The simple, clear and practical UV system is the basis to develop and master your voice in the 4 universal voice characters: Speech, Whisper, Belting and Classical / Legit. With the 8 sound characteristics, you learn to master the 4 voice characters quickly, properly and healthily on the basis of the four pillars Posture, Breath, Voice and Sound color.

Also covered:

  • What the ideal breath flow / breath pressure is.
  • In which position you sing best
  • Which character you use in which style and how you can make this sound optimal.
  • What effects there are.
  • What healthy voice use is and how you keep your voice healthy.
  • How you learn to improve your mindset to be more free on stage.

The Universal Voice Singer training curriculum covers an entire school year. This gives participants the opportunity to move on to year 2 – Universal Voice Singer 2 / Master training .


The year closes with a small performance for your classmates and your teachers in which you show what you have achieved vocally. After completing the exam, you can officially call yourself a Universal Voice Singer. You not only master the Universal Voice System, but you can also perform this in various styles within a certain size. In short: you have technically become a better singer and a better speaker. So you have increased your options so that you can make the musical choices you want.

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Tuition fees

in one go for € 3,900, 5 installments of € 780 every 2 months


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