Train your Voice workshop Online


Train your Voice workshop Online


Train your Voice workshop Online.

7, 14 and 21 December 2020
6 hours in total, from 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (3 sessions)
By: Alberto ter Doest
Where: Online via Zoom

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Bij deze workshop kun je met € 5,- korting de Universal Voice Guide bestellen.
Hij wordt gratis thuisgestuurd, in Nederland en België.

De Guide kost bij deze workshop € 65,-.

Maak eerst een keuze en vervolg dan je bestelling.

Train your Voice workshop Online

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Want to sing? Don’t make it difficult! Due to the simplicity and comprehensibility of the Universal Voice System, everyone is able to learn to use his or her voice better faster. Concrete clear directions help each student to better understand and improve their voice. The Universal Voice System uses 4 pillars, 8 sound characteristics and 4 voice characters. With this you learn to make any sound you want. Singing is not complicated! Singing should be possible for everyone and so we help you with the perfect tools to easily train your voice so that singing becomes even more fun.


In connection with the Corona crisis, we give online singing lessons and workshops. A number of workshops, such as Train Your Voice, are ideal to follow online. The advantage is that we give this workshop in 3 online lessons of 2 hours. So you can practice every week and ask questions after the lesson and go deeper into the matter. If you have the Universal Voice Guide, you can use the audio exercises that come with the Guide. In addition, you will receive one hour more lessons with the online lessons than in the regular workshop.


This workshop is ideally suited for singers of all levels, educationalists, speech therapists, choirs and choir directors who already have the Universal Voice Guide. However, having read the Guide is not an absolute requirement to participate.


At the Universal Voice Institute, each participant comes with their own experience and their own goals; we transfer this to your own personal voice plan so that you can immediately see what you can develop. This also applies to training your voice. Together with you we view / listen to what your vocal goal is and what you want to train.

For that purpose, we give you the tools to further develop your voice at home, with the help of the Universal Voice Guide.


We work with the Universal Voice System by singing in multiple voices all day long. You will receive a brief explanation of the system where we rehearse a different piece each time.

On the basis of different postures that you learn to apply, you will immediately hear the result of this on your sound. You also experience your own breath pressure and breath flow and you learn to understand what you need and when. If your breath support is not optimal, you should do this workshop because here you will learn to experience and understand what people mean by it for the first time. You will use all the sound characteristics that exist within the 4 voice characters in which we will sing the different repertoire together. We also give everyone exercises from the book after the short 1 on 1 coaching that we do to offer you personal advice and help. You will also receive your own Personal Voice Plan with exercises to achieve your vocal goal. We conclude with questions and answers.

Sing, sing, listen, feel and sing more. We will therefore not so much discuss the material, but the question of how you can train with our system in practice. And you can only experience that in 1 way: by doing.

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7, 14 en 21 december 2020


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