Singing lessons


Singing lessons

Singing lessons

Private singing lessons with UVS in a nutshell
Target: learn to sing better and easier in any style
Frequency: once or periodically – > you decide!
Teachers: Alberto ter Doest, Elke Rouwmaat, Jasmin de Wilde, Daan Smits and Syd Horster
Dates: by appointment
Location: Amsterdam



Universal Voice Guide met € 5,- korting * 

Bij de zanglessen kun je met € 5,- korting de Universal Voice Guide bestellen. Hij wordt gratis thuisgestuurd, in Nederland en België. De Guide kost bij deze zanglessen € 65,-.

Maak eerst een keuze en vervolg dan je bestelling.

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Singing lessons at Universal Voice Institute in Amsterdam mean that you will benefit from a clear approach to immediately use your voice in a healthy and optimal way. With the Universal Voice System, your goals to learn to sing better are now really achievable! All styles are possible, your goal is clearly converted into a Personal Voice Plan, simple, effective and suitable for everyone. A singing lesson at Universal Voice lasts 1 hour and teaches you the basics of the Universal Voice system.


The Universal Voice Institute focuses on your own personal goal. Do you have to sing a solo somewhere, do you have an audition or a performance. Maybe you are in a production or you just want to sing better in the choir in which you sing? Our goal is to achieve your personal goal. We therefore draw up a so-called Personal Voice Plan together with you. This way you get a very clear picture of what you want to achieve and with which exercises you will succeed. Are you not singing yourself, but are you a choirmaster, voice actor or teacher? Even then we would like to teach you how to use your voice better.


The Universal Voice system is a simple and clear system to get the most out of your voice. You learn and experience how to sing with the 4 universal voice characters and how they sound in repertoire. The 4 universal voice characters are speaking, whispering, shouting and classical. We work with 8 sound characteristics to further develop and improve your voice. And with 4 pillars (body, breath, vocal folds and sound space) we explain exactly what you do. This way we not only make it easier for you, but also very simple!


Alberto ter Doest , Every Bereavement , Jasmin de de Wilde , Daan Smits and Syd Horster are certified UVS voice coaches. This team helps you to learn to sing better. For example, they will monitor and optimize your progress together during your singing lessons. With the Universal Voice System, we can quickly and effectively grow and further develop your talent.


Alberto ter Doest and the team of certified UVS voice coaches work with any style: pop, rock, musical, classical, renaissance, opera, R&B, Rap and so on. We have extensive experience in applying the right technique for the right style. We match the style of your choice and give you the tools to improve in it. That way, you will no doubt only enjoy your own voice and the music you love.


Do you want weekly or biweekly singing lessons to lay a solid foundation? Or are you a professional and do you only want help once or twice in perfecting your technique or repertoire? Or do you want coaching for yourself, your production or your choir? Whatever your goal is, the teachers of the Universal Voice Institute are ready in Amsterdam to reach your goal. You can therefore purchase a singing lesson in Amsterdam once per hour or by means of a ride card. We then make an appointment together to schedule the lessons so that they perfectly match your (work) agenda. Have you become enthusiastic? Then look further at our education !


Would you rather have singing lessons in your area from a qualified Universal Voice. Master Teacher? Meet one of our vocal coaches from your own area. Feel free to contact them without obligation to view their offer and to discuss your wishes. They are ready to help you achieve your goal with our simple Universal Voice System.


The Universal Voice Institute is very excited to get started with you. We help you to sing healthily (er), simpler and better.


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Alberto ter Doest, Daan Smits, Elke Rouwmaat, Jasmin de de Wilde, Syd Horster


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