Rockin’Right workshop


Rockin’Right workshop

Rockin'Right workshop.

February 1st, 2021
10 am – 4 pm (1 hour break)
By: Alberto ter Doest
Location: Amsterdam


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Rockin'Right workshop

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“Nobody’s wife”, “Outlaw in ’em” Do you want to sing, just like Anouk or Waylon, with a rough raw edge? Or do you even want to learn to grunt, growl and make high screams like in the metal scene? Which can! But how do you do that in a responsible way? Universal Voice gives you the tools. During the rockin’right workshop you will learn in a safe way how to make the most famous effects yourself and how you can further develop and enhance them yourself.


ROCKIN ‘RIGHT is aimed at singers of all levels, educators, speech therapists and choral conductors. Knowledge of technology is not required to participate in this day.


At the Universal Voice Institute, each participant comes with his own experience and his own goals, we transfer these to your own personal voice plan so that you immediately see what you can develop. So are you rocking out already? Or do you growl a little cautiously and alone in the car when no one overhears you? Universal Voice teaches you how to ROCK RIGHT; rock effects from the ground up. And for the more experienced singers: how to ROCK ON! Perfecting and using your effects even more strongly.


After a brief explanation of the Universal Voice System, you will immediately get started with all the sound characteristics from the system, but in particular irregularity, letting it rustle, crack, tear with your voice. We let you make all possible effects and systematically build on how you learn to make them the best and in a healthy way. We also show you all the effects with the best vocal band video films made from the best hard rock grunters and screamers. We teach you to experience where in your throat the effects are made and we train these effects with simple exercises. Central to our workshops is always: do it yourself! For each effect you experience: what is the correct posture and the correct breath flow and breath pressure. Feel the best tuning setting and of course: which sound colors the effect? You go home with exercises that you can use to further train yourself. Role up your sleeves and get rockin ‘.


This workshop guarantees a great educational day in which you learn to make sounds that you did not know or dared to make. And it is a super fun day in which there is a lot of laughter when someone shows unexpected possibilities.


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1 februari 2021


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