Belting workshop


Belting workshop

Belting workshop.

August 27, 2020
10 am – 4 pm (1 hour break)
By: Daan Smits
Location: Amsterdam


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Belting workshop

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Belten appears in pop, rock, soul, jazz and musical repertoire. To be able to sing in those genres, you also want to be able to make calls! How does a really good belt sound? We will certainly answer that question for you and then get to work: during this workshop day you will learn much easier in height and how you can train in height so that you can become stronger (louder).


BELT TO THE MAX is aimed at singers of all levels, pedagogues, speech therapists and choral conductors. Knowledge of technology is not required to participate in this day.


At the Universal Voice Institute each participant comes up with his own experience and his own goals; we transfer this to your own personal voice plan so that you can immediately see what you can develop. So are you already familiar with belten? Or is it new to you? Universal Voice Institute safely teaches you to master calling or to perfect it if you already have experience with it.


Based on the best Belting examples you will get to know Belting. With the Universal Voice System you learn that ringing is singing with a calling character and that this is the only limiting factor. You learn the correct posture, the correct breath flow and pressure, the correct voice setting and timbre, and that in a playful way with great exercises. Even if you are hardly familiar with this, in ‘no time’ you are insanely on the phone. You experience that you can do much more and how simple you can develop this. You learn how to do this safely with the right amount of loudness and sharpness, ‘twang’ in your voice. We briefly explain the anatomy needed for Belting, but the emphasis at Universal Voice is on DOING. You sing, you hear, you feel, you call to your max!


Get the most out of your voice and learn the freedom that Belten gives you while singing. Throw in all your passion and love and find your perfect ringtone and sing like never before. You can register again for this workshop soon.


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