View vocal folds with the High Speed Video system from Pentax


View vocal folds with the High Speed Video system from Pentax

your vocal folds in a magnifying glass

high speedpentax

Universal Voice Institute recently carried out a research project with the High Speed Video system from Pentax. On the Pevoc Symposium in Prague Alberto ter Doest a demonstration of recording with the latest High Speed Video system. On these recordings you can really see, per vibration, what is happening in the vocal folds. How do they vibrate? And with what force, speed or pressure? And how does the slime wave pass over the vocal folds? Even the slightest deviation was visible. This is how you look at the vocal folds with a magnifying glass.

how does high speed workfilming in his work?

Researchers and ENT doctors are currently working with video stroboscopy. Images are made with flashes of light, calculated in relation to the vibration frequencies of the vocal folds. Example: The vocal folds vibrate 200 times per second. Then a number of flashes of light are made per second that always show part of those vibrations. This is calculated relative to the sung frequency, so that we can see a delay in reality. So it seems as if the vocal folds open and close 2 times per second, while in reality it is 200 times. We see, as it were, a delay in reality.

This gives a fairly good idea of how the vocal folds vibrate, how they close, with what mass and with what force or pressure. Very small deviations, however, are not always clearly visible because you are viewing part of the vocal folds. You cannot see them by vibration. Very high and very low tones are also difficult to see.


This is therefore possible in this new High Speed system. You watch at 2000 to 4000 images per second, so you can follow every vibration and you can see perfectly how this happens. You can see from each vibration, how the closure runs along its entire length, where they close first and how the movement is from front to back. These recordings of the vocal folds are insanely detailed, unique, and it gives us information that we couldn’t get before.

Filming vocalistsin Amsterdam

We have two days with dr. Rico Rinkel at the VUmc in Amsterdam various vocalists filmed with a rigid scope through the mouth and with a flexible scope through the nose. The vocalists have created several qualities including: turn on, whisper, falsetto, flute voice, belting, grunts, legit, curbing and many more.

We will process these recordings in the new courses and of course these unique films will be included our new book .

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