Lax Vox Method, for faster voice recovery


Lax Vox Method, for faster voice recovery

restore the voiceLax Vox method

restore itof the voice

The voice recovers after vocal stress mainly at night when the vocal folds do not vibrate or hardly vibrate. The mucous membranes in the vocal fold, the lamina propria, then recover. Moisture is returned to the vocal fold, the vocal fold is hydrated. This makes the voice sound clearer the next day.

Of course, there are times when normal nighttime recovery is not enough. In such a situation, we have to do a bit of recovery ourselves in the form of exercises. Exercises that ensure that the gel layer (Lamina Propria) and the muscle layer can vibrate freely.

The Lax VOX methodfor faster recovery

Recently, the Lax Vox method has become very popular for faster recovery. There are several reasons for the accelerated recovery. The upper respiratory pressure increases and the lower respiratory pressure lower (ie below and above the glottis). There is more balance so that the muscle mass can work and recover in a relaxed manner. In addition, due to the pulsating movement of the upper pressure, the instrument, the larynx, is more massaged.

We have made video recordings of this that clearly show a soft pulsating movement, which gives relaxation and has a massage. This increases the circulation of build-up and waste materials and the vocal folds will recover more quickly. The vocal folds are also beautiful in a retracted position and there is a light anchoring, reinforcement in the head and neck.

a lot ofgood experiences

Universal Voice Institute gets back many enthusiastic stories from singers and students who apply the Lax Vox method. They all notice that the voice recovers very quickly and that they sing more easily after using the Lax Vox. Also Alberto ter Doest has gained a lot of good experiences with the Lax Vox method during a number of heavy concerts. Especially in combination with taking aloe vera and apple juice in the mouth before going to sleep.

Voice exercise Lax Vox

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