Get a better picture of the Lichtenberg method


Get a better picture of the Lichtenberg method

lightsberg methodAlberto on an expedition

expedition Lichtenberg

To get a better picture of the method Lichtenberg has Alberto ter Doest decided a few weekends to experience what Lichtenberg is like at the institute Lichtenberg itself and at the source: “ Frau Gisela Rohmert ”. Frau Rohmert told us that what she was doing was an expedition. “You are going on a journey and you are going to discover a thing or two. You don’t know in advance where you will end up. ” As an expedition leader, Frau Rohmert knows quite well and exactly where she wants to go.

Lichtenberg arises from the Funktionale Stimmbildung by Cornelius Reid . Both Frau Rohmert and Mr. Rabine have each taken slightly different directions from there. Thirty years ago, Frau Rohmert and her husband Walter Rohmert started researching the influence of various body-oriented techniques on the instrument, both vocal and instrumental. This took place in the Arbeitswissenschaft part of the TU Darmstatt. The effect of physical exercises on the voice or an instrument was measured using various physical and acoustic measuring methods.

Numerous body techniques were measured for their effect and for the influence on the voice. Healthy functioning of the larynx was found to be a prerequisite for freedom and ‘lightness’ in singing, a greater range of voice and greater age independence. A better understanding of the cooperation of our sensory nervous system with regard to sound gave the new impetus to a voice and instrument pedagogy.

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