Astrid van Assen        


Astrid van Assen        

Singer, Singing teacher

Astrid has her singing practice in Utrecht Lunetten. She gives individual singing lessons and singing workshops to adults and children with great passion and pleasure. She also takes care of singing and band workshops for companies . In addition, she is also regularly on stage.

‘In my opinion, passion and singing go hand in hand. What I like most about the lessons I teach is the openness that arises. Singing is very pure and it exposes your soul. The goal of my coaching is to push your boundaries so that you learn to sing more consciously. I give you confidence in this process and the necessary technique to sing wonderfully! ‘


In 2019 Astrid studied graduated from the Universal Voice Institute after 3 years as a Universal Voice Teacher. Astrid also has over 20 years of experience as a singer.


I can help you in a simple way to use your voice more consciously when speaking or singing. Interested?


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