Annemarie Bron        


Annemarie Bron        

Vocal Coach, Singer Songwriter, Studio Female Singer

After more than seven years as a singing teacher at a private music school, Annemarie started her own singing school in Hengelo, Vocal Studio Annemarie Bron in January 2015. In addition to singing lessons, she coaches Vocal Groups , she provides workshops and studio coaching. She works together with Poppodium Metropool and secondary schools in Twente.

As a singer Annemarie is mainly active in the Pop genre. She sings in a Vocal Group for which she makes vocal arrangements. Besides singing and songwriting, she also works as a studio singer.


In 2001 Annemarie started the SCW Art and Culture course in Zwolle. In the meantime, she took lessons with Ria Spaaij at the musical school ‘Song & Dance’. In 2004 she was accepted at the Pop Academy at the Artez Conservatory in Enschede. During this time she gained a lot of stage experience in various professional cover bands.

After graduating (2008) she recorded her album “I’ll Keep The Memory” in February 2010 in Germany. For this album she wrote 10 songs in a style that can be found between pop, country and blues. In January 2011 her album was released in Europe and later worldwide.

In September 2017 Annemarie started with the Universal Voice Training at the Universal Voice Institute in Amsterdam to further specialize. In June 2019 she graduated as a Universal Voice Master Teacher.

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