Annelieke Bouwers


Annelieke Bouwers

Singer, Actress, Singing Teacher

Annelieke works as a singer and actress and has her own singing practice in Amstelveen. Her specialty is singing both classical and pop / musical singing, and regularly uses this during concerts / events.

Acting and Singing

Annelieke played the role of Sanne Klein in Onderweg naar Morgen for 6 years. She also played guest roles in, among others, Spoorloos Verdwenen, the Girls of Thijs, the Club of Ugly Children, the Mysterie van, the Ludwigs, the Kameleon and the Sinterklaasjournaal. Annelieke is currently singing in the Brooklyn Nights dinner show van Wentink events or at other events.


Annelieke graduated from the conservatory in Enschede in 2001, in classical singing. She also followed a master’s degree in Rotterdam in music theater with Alberto ter Doest. Because she wanted to learn more about singing, she graduated from the Universal Voice Institute in 2019.

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