Anja Kwakkestein        


Anja Kwakkestein        

Vocalist, Choral Conductor, Workshop Leader, Estill Voice Training CMT, Universal Voice CMT

After a dance training Anja studied singing as a musician with Ank Reinders at the conservatory in Enschede and performing musician / opera training with Margreet Honig at the Amsterdam Conservatory. In addition to her solo work, she was a freelance member of the choir of the Dutch Opera and the Groot Omroep Koor for 10 years.

When she mainly focused on teaching, she specialized in voice technique and choral conducting (application training for choral conducting) and in addition to Universal Voice certified master teacher, she is also Estill Voice Training certified master teacher. She took many summer courses in free-tonal improvisation in Italy with Michael Vetter and Natascha Nikeprelevic and she is currently following the two-year course Vocal Leadership at Codarts in Rotterdam. She has worked as an Estill Voice Training teacher at the Willem Nijholt Academy for musical theater. At the Hogeschool Arnhem / Nijmegen, she has been teaching Estill Voice Training workshops for more than 10 years as part of a minor and, since this year, Universal Voice System for the speech therapy training.

For over 30 years, she has been passionate about helping people sing more easily and let their voices blossom.

Singing studio Anja Kwakkestein

In her singing studio she gives lessons during the day to ambitious, motivated amateurs and to voice professionals (including actors / professional speakers) in the field of classical singing / musical and to singer-songwriters. Amateurs can take courses on Tuesday and Thursday evenings “New Voting Techniques” (6 lessons), where the techniques are trained by means of not difficult polyphonic songs.

For voice professionals there are special groups “New Voice Techniques” on Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon, where of course many Universal Voice techniques are practiced.

Anja is regularly asked to give workshops to choirs, offering vocal techniques in combination with Vocal Leadership elements (Icebreakers, exercises to boost rhythm, coloring, timing ect …). Fun guaranteed!

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